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Due to the shorter lifespan of pets, we stress the importance of complete annual physical examinations.  

Thorough check-ups and preventative care can help alleviate serious health problems.  We offer a wide array of veterinary services to help your pet feel their best.


Preventative medicine: annual examination, vaccinations, heart worm testing, fecal parasite screening, leukemia/AIDS testing, senior pet blood screens, and urinalysis.

  • Dentistry: oral examinations, dental prophylactic and periodontal cleanings, periodontal treatments,  extractions, and oral surgery. 
  • Surgery: General and soft tissue surgery with sedatives and inhaled anesthetics.  All patients undergoing general anesthesia receive pre- anesthetic blood work to determine kidney and liver function and to screen for anemia.  In addition, all patients receive an IV catheter for fluid administration which helps support blood pressure and speeds anesthetic recovery time. We intensely monitor our surgical patients with ECG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure. Patients undergoing a procedure that is deemed painful will be properly treated with pre and post surgical pain medications and will go home with appropriate pain management. Laser therapy is used as a post surgical treatment to expedite healing of surgical incisions.  

Class IV Laser Therapy:  Designed to treat acute and chronic pain issues such as arthritis, soft tissue injuries, surgical pain, back pain, ear infections, chronic periodontal disease, bladder disease, and more.  We routinely use laser therapy post surgical on all spays, neuters, declaws and dental extractions.  It is also used to treat lick granulomas, open wounds, and surgical incisions with 1/4 of the healing time required without laser therapy.

Radiography:  Onsite radiography to aid in the diagnosis of many bone and soft tissue    diseases. 

Electrocardiography:  We provide onsite ECG screenings for detection of heart disease and for anesthetic monitoring purposes.

Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory facilities provides for hematology, urinalysis, parasite screening, and cytology with quick results for sick pets.  We also utilize a commercial laboratory for more extensive testing with overnight results for most lab work.

Microchips:  We provide Home Again  microchipping for permanent identification to aid in a speed recovery of a lost pet.

Pharmacy:  We maintain a complete stock of pharmaceuticals, heart worm and flea preventatives, vitamins, shampoos, eye, ear and dental care products and prescription diets.  

Limited Walk In Appointments: Available daily


Specialist Referrals: Referral is offered on all cases where the doctors determine that a consult with a specialist for advanced diagnostics and treatments would be in the best interest of the patient.  We can refer to specialists such as surgeons, internists, orthodontist, orthopedics and oncologists only a short drive away.