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Class IV Laser Technology



Used by pro sports teams and Good Morning America's product of the year the Class IV Laser Therapy is designed to treat acute and chronic pain issues such as arthritis, soft tissue injuries, surgical pain, back pain, ear infections, chronic periodontal disease, bladder disease, and more.  It is also used to treat lick granulomas, open wounds, and surgical incisions with 1/4 of the healing time required without laser therapy.

San Gabriel Animal Hospital recommends and routinely uses laser therapy post surgical on all spays, neuters, declaws and dental extractions and for any of the above mentioned conditions. 

Laser therapy of this class has antimicrobial effects, thereby reducing the need for oral antibiotics as well as reducing the need for pain control drugs.  We are excited to be able to offer this new non-invasive technology to help your beloved pet deal with issues related to pain, inflammation, and surgery. 

Laser therapy's modality of treatment is to increase cellular metabolism.  While acute conditions typically respond in one to two treatments, more chronic issues may take six to ten treatments to reach therapeutic goal.  Some conditions including chronic arthritis will need monthly maintenance sessions to sustain positive therapeutic outcome. 

Please call us if you have any questions or think your pet has a condition that may respond to therapeutic laser treatments. Package treatments are available at a discount. 

Laser Treatment Testimonial

I moved into the area last year from Austin and was extremely happy to find San Gabriel Animal Hospital literally blocks away. I have an elder golden retriever who will be having her 14th birthday next April GOD willing and she has had a tough road the last six years including cancer treatment, the normal geriatric issues one would expect in addition to breaking her leg literally the very first day that I moved into the home tripping on the deck staircase. She is an amazing trooper and goes through each infirmity with amazing resilience so long as I am there to encourage her and let her know she is deeply loved .. Since the broken leg I have seen a noticeable slowdown and Dr. Reicher suggested I consider laser therapy to try and stimulate her from a hunched over position, obvious difficulty even getting up and very verbal moans and groans just getting through the day. Skeptical at first I didn't notice anything but slight changes until the end of the second week of therapy and then one day when I was outside on the deck with my brother I saw her run for the first time in several years towards the fence line to bark at the neighbor's dog and prancing back and forth enjoying herself immensely ... He asked me if I had just saw what happened and I told him YES ... It is absolutely amazing the rejuvenation that has taken place. The clock has been turned back several years. It's very rare to hear the moaning and groaning when she lays down or gets up, getting up is now only a few moves instead of multiple moves and even this morning ( September 1, 2013 ) she took off all the way across the yard running towards the fence line at 13 1/2 years old !!! She did this also with a cone on her head from having been bitten by fire ants and getting an infection on the sides of her face. Nothing will slow this girl down ... I will warn you that if your dog responds like Callie did you must be careful particularly with older dogs as she actually pulled a muscle running the fence line a few weeks ago with her newfound energy and health. The doctor warned me that was a possibility and I was not paying attention but with after a couple more laser treatments and hand massage she was back on track. I honestly cannot say if it will work for every dog as well as it has for Callie but I can tell you it is certainly worth the try. The cost is a real bargain and the staff is absolutely wonderful and without a doubt the most loving and caring veterinary clinic I have been to in my 57 years. I am very grateful Dr. Reicher suggested this treatment. It has truly been a blessing to see my old girl with a completely new spring in her step and mischievousness in her eyes .

Regards, Glen & Callie Davis